Puerto Galera

Puerto Galera in Mindoro is known for its exceptionally beautiful little white sand beaches, some fringed with reefs teeming with rich and diverse marine life, and excellent diving spots. It has long been regarded by geologists, botanists, and students of the University of the Philippines as an ideal place to study the ecostructure of plants, animals, and micro-organisms in almost undisturbed natural conditions. In 1934, the Marine Biological station was set up. Forty years later, the United Nations Man & Biosphere Program International declared Puerto Galera a nature center and a marine sanctuary. However, its spectacular beaches were eventually discovered by the outside world and gradually became a favorite tourist destination.


Puerto Galera has a fine, deep port that has served for many centuries as a haven for ships during typhoons. When the Spanish arrived, there were already Chinese traders bartering porcelain, silk, and jewelry. However, the islanders resisted the Spanish missionaries and the Americans who came later.

Today, Puerto Galera is a major destination for low-budget, fun-loving travelers who seek sun, sand and sea. Many come to enjoy its beaches, which are crowded with hotels, restaurants, discos, and rental services for water activities. White Beach and Tamaraw Beach, which have nice cottages, are the best places to go for swimming. The good snorkeling and diving sites are the beaches near Sabang, Coco Beach, Big and Small La Laguna, and nearby Paniquian and Verde Islands. There are dive shops that cater to those who want to enjoy the reefs. However, they enforce a ban on damaging or taking any of the marine life.
The center of Puerto Galera has numerous restaurants and inns, and a thriving t-shirt and flour-sack clothing industry. Visit the small excavation museum beside the church which houses finds of Chinese porcelain unearthed from nearby Bayanan and a fine collection of shells. See the Mangyan tribes and their settlements in Baclayan and Talipanan. Both are about a 2-hour walk into the mountains. The Tamaraw Waterfalls in Calapan and Mt. Malisimbo are also sites worth visiting. Take a one and a half to 2-hour hike up to Ponderosa Golf Club for great views along the way and up to Tamaraw Falls. At Dulangan, you may see gold panning and marble quarrying.


Sabang is the best place to go if you're looking for entertainment. It has a profusion of bars, discos, and nightclubs.

Every April, from Good Friday to Easter Sunday, the Annual Yacht Club of Puerto Galera holds the Easter Regatta, where 8 to 12 yachts arrive from the Manila Yacht Club joined by 12 to 15 local residents and Hong Kong guest yachts.

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