Pick-up Directions

The design of the Manila International Airport (Ninoy Aquino Airport) requires this page. Please follow these directions carefully to ensure a smooth pick-up. You will have to find the ARRIVAL EXTENSION AREA. Our driver will wait for you there with a Sabang Inn sign if you arranged for pick up service with us.

When you first get out of the arrival hall you can NOT see this area. You see a 4 lane road with a dividing island. There might be cab drivers and shuttle operators offering their services and trying to miss guide you. Ignore them. Whether you exit on the right or the left side of the arrival hall move toward the center and walk across the 4 lanes, proceed downward, turn left or right and continue downward on the sloping ramp. The driver will look for you in the ARRIVAL EXTENSION AREA at the end of the ramp under letter "M" which is right in the center.