Diving Insructors:


All of our Instructors are also PADI & SSI certified and can teach and certify PADI & SSI courses from beginner to Divemaster, if desired. Instructor Continuing Education courses are possible, too. PADI & SSI certifications are also accepted around the world.


Meet your dive crew:



Hobert joined the team at the year 2009. His well experienced and also fast beloved among his many guest that he already certified till today.

He can both do SSI and PADI certifications.



Jhonry recently joined our team in 2013. His former dive guide somewhere else for 6 years in Sabang.

His known to be a spotter for critters underwater.You will me amazed what he can find for you. One of many reasons why camera diver choose to dive with him.



Mark has been back and forth in our team, but his a veteran as well. Recently became a dive guide this 2014. But he has plenty of experience as back up guide in the recent years.

He learned from the best and will be as good over time.



Jan is our consulting Instructor when we need German speaking courses. Jan has been in Sabang for over 10years and is well known here among our guests.

He also is a Tech Instructor which can certify rebreather courses if wished.



Marco is another of our consulting Instructor here in our establishment. He has been living also more over 10years in Sabang. We use him for guiding mostly tech dives such as twin tank and deep dives.

He also is a Tech Instructor, so in any request he can certify that.




Thierry is our UW Camera specialist. He will teach you how to proper use your camera to maximum potential. He is a world wide known proffesional photographer with several front cover magazine.

His been several years in Sabang and is always present in the dive shop looking for a new photo to puglish. He was fast known among the people here and by the guest.